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On behalf of the RBMS and 9ASM Organising Committee, we would like to welcome you to the Grand Chancellor in Hobart for the 9th Australian Stream Management Conference.

We convene to bring together researchers, students and practitioners dedicated to investigating and managing stream ecosystems and their catchments in Australia.

Whether this is your first ASM conference or perhaps even your ninth, we are thrilled you have made it here. Joining you are more than 150 delegates from Australia’s leading universities, government agencies, consultancies, utilities and authorities for catchment management and environmental protection. 

Over the three days, our program features over 100 papers, each prepared and presented by leaders in research and practice. These are compiled in the Conference Proceedings, the published legacy of the conference available on the RBMS website alongside proceedings from each of the previous eight ASM conferences.

Also featured in our program are outstanding keynote speakers invited to extend our thinking and inspire action. We trust your experience at 9ASM will be enriched further by taking part in a field trip or workshop and attending the Conference Dinner at MONA.

By combining a stimulating program with the collective creativity, knowledge and skills of our delegates, we hope 9ASM can open up entirely new possibilities for integrating catchment management in Australia.

Thank you for your commitment and contribution to 9ASM.

Alison Miller and Myles Coker

Conference Chairs

President & Vice President of RBMS

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